Outlook Users
Here are some tips for making the switch from Microsoft Outlook® to Google Apps. 

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Switching from Microsoft Outlook®
Switching to Gmail from Microsoft Outlook®

Get a quick feature-by-feature comparison between Google Apps and Outlook.

Print this guide out and keep it handy as you begin using Gmail and Google Calendar.

 Import your data

<<REMOVE the section below if NO users will be using Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook. Note that before people can use this plug-in, you must enable Google Apps Sync for your domain.>>

Synchronizing with Outlook
Want to keep using Outlook for awhile? Try Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook®.
  1. Install Google Apps Sync on your own computer.

  2. Learn to use Google Apps Sync.
Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook® is a plug-in for Outlook 2002, 2007, or 2010 that syncs mail, calendar events, contacts, and notes between Outlook and your Google Apps account.